Why Don’t We Bother to Ask the Tough Questions?

Rather than plunging heart first into a relationship and then proclaiming, “I have found him/her!”, try putting on the brakes and start asking some very important relationship questions EARLY that will help you: 

·       identify what is important to YOU

·       better understand your potential partner’s values, behaviors, desires, lifestyle

·       explore and examine both parties’ earlier life experiences

·       recognize a relationship red flag before it is too late

·       discover individual and mutual goals for the future and relationship expectations

Check out this article:  30 Important Questions to Ask Before We Commit to a Relationship


I wish I had asked myself the questions in this article each time I thought “This is the One!”  It never occurred to me that open, honest communication was critical to relationship success.  And, that tough conversations were necessary in order to vet my partner and make decisions that would be right for me.  Today, I say…Get it out on the table and let the chips fall where they may before making that relationship commitment.

So, when you are busy checking off that list of superficial relationship items - looks, charm, profession and so on – slow down and take it one step further.  Have the courage to do the self-discovery and mutual examination.  Had I done this, I most certainly would have had fewer relationships and marriages on my timeline.