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Relationship Advice & Insights from Relationship Strategist, Pam Evans

Have you wondered why your search for a committed partner is so difficult?

Are you interested in converting blind love and lust into self-love and a long-lasting relationship? 

I’ve walked in those shoes many times over. The good news is, I finally have it right! My mission is to help others avoid the same serious, repeated mistakes that kept me jumping in and out of relationships and marriages for years.

Check out my complementary videos, BLOG and 2nd edition book, Ring EXchange! As someone who can offer first-hand wisdom and insights, I would love to listen to your challenges, help guide and offer you fresh approaches to help with your situation. To book me for speaking engagements, please contact my marketing partners at 

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Pam Evans featured on Modern Living with kathy ireland® to discuss her relationship strategy solutions.

Wining, Dining and More with ABC's Spencer Christian with special guest Pam Evans

Pam Evans discusses relationships with millennial men, and describes the foundation for healthy relationships.

Pam Evans discusses strategies about how to build trust in relationships with millennial men.

Pam Evans discusses workplace relationship with millennial men.

Pam Evans: What's Your Relationship Plan?

Uploaded by Pam Evans on 2015-01-20.

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"I have known Pamela Evans for over 8 years as a client.  I admire her business acumen and I have enjoyed working with her as a client.  Over a year ago she told me about her book and I read it February 2014.  I was in a relationship at the time and did not think it applied to me as I did not have aspirations to marry again and thought "I was good". My relationship ended December 2014 and it was devastating.  She and I met and I did her webinar and studied the relationship cards.  Many of them spoke to me about jealousy, healthy relationships and not looking for positive information outside but inside.  Pamela's coaching was invaluable when it came to relationship counseling, dating and online dating.  I will continue to seek her advice as she is wise and positively understands the foibles women fall into when they are wanting to be in something that they may not be ready for.  I encourage everyone to read her book.  If you are married, single, dating or not and to take advantage of her webinars and private counseling sessions." -Dena Gaherty

"Pam helped me reinforce some healthy relationship goals I have for myself moving forward after a tough relationship. I needed to hear those positive reinforcements." - Connie Bustillo


About Pam

Pam Evans is the author of Ring EXchange – Life Lessons from a Multiple Marrier, which is a tale of Pam’s sequential marriage journey and her lessons learned along that road less traveled. Pam was married and divorced four times before her 50th birthday and now considers herself a subject matter expert because of her unique life experiences. The good news is -- she took 13 years away from the altar, did the self-discovery and broke her frustrating pattern of repeated relationships. And, one more twist to the story is that Pam decided to “Take the Fifth”...husband that is...two and a half years ago.

In addition to being an author, Pam is a speaker and often refers to herself as a “Relationship Strategist” whose mission it is to help others avoid the critical mistakes she made both in her personal life and at times, in her high-tech career. Pam has appeared on such programs as FOX43 The Morning Show, "Modern Living with Kathy Ireland", The Morning Blend Fox WFTX, FIOS1 News WRNN, Huff Post Live, “The Nancy Redd Show”, January Jones “Sharing Success Stories” and Dr. Jo Anne White’s “Power Your Life” TV & Radio Programs, along with numerous radio shows. You’ll find Pam’s advice on marriage and relationships in popular publications, as well.


Ring EXchange

Book Reviews

Whether you have ever been in a bad relationship, a bad marriage, or just keep repeating unhealthy patterns, Pamela Evan’s The Ring EXchange is for you! By candidly sharing her own personal experiences, she helps decode the mysteries of why we seek the wrong person, how we can discover self-love and acceptance, and ultimately guides us to foolproof ways in which we can actually realize that dreams of genuine and enduring love can be a reality. Written with compassion and humor, The Ring EXchange is for any man or woman who has ever been in a challenging or dead-end relationship and questions: How Did I Get Here? 

- Allison Kluger, Television Executive, Media Consultant, and Instructor of Reputation Management at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business

A funny, smart and delightful book! The author’s conversational style had me rapidly turning the pages to learn why she made so many treks “down the aisle” and how she came to discover that her behavior and relationship patterns were huge contributors to the seemingly endless cycle of disheartening marriages. Anyone can learn from her relationship mistakes (now corrected!) and helpful insights no matter one’s age, marital status or station in life. This book is a must read for anyone who has ever whined about a troubled marriage. Pamela deals with the complaints, the causes and the cures! If you seek a successful marriage, the solution is right here!

Check out Pam Evans on  Dr. Jo Anne White's Power Your Life show and website!

Check out Pam Evans on Dr. Jo Anne White's Power Your Life show and website!

- January Jones, Radio Talk Host: “January Jones sharing Success Stories” at iHeart Radio, Author: Thou Shalt Not Whine….The Eleventh Commandment

After reading Ring Exchange, I’ve concluded that the fifth time is a charm—at least, for the author. In this entertaining and instructive book, Pam Evans takes us on a delightful journey through the life of a “multiple marrier”. Along the way, she helps us discover why we fall into self-defeating relationship patterns, and reveals the red flags that should not be so hard to recognize. Sharing her insight, humor, and vulnerability, Pam has produced a relationship guide that is both a manual for men and a workbook for women.

- Spencer Christian, ABC TV

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