25 Unbreakable Rules Everyone Should Follow In a Relationship

Wanted to share this article about rules everyone should follow in a romantic relationship. In addition to offering sound advice, I also was a contributor!

"You bring a set of skills and attributes to the relationship and your significant other brings theirs. Don't settle for less than best, either for yourself or them. Look at what they have that you don't and strive to improve to get closer to their level. Maybe it's becoming more compassionate, maybe more athletic, maybe more scholarly. You're not becoming them, but take their strengths and let those set the bar for what you can strive towards. This way you remain independent but you never settle." —Joshua Klapow, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and host of The Web.

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The 25 Unbreakable Rules are:

  1. Don't settle
  2. Make regular sex a top priority
  3. Deal with problems within 24 hours
  4. Never blame your partner (even if it is their fault)
  5. Speak your partner's love language
  6. Don't confuse sex with intimacy
  7. Be friends first
  8. Don't let yourself go
  9. Keep your fights off Facebook
  10. Don't dis your inlaws
  11. Have a solid financial plan
  12. Don't get drinks with other men
  13. No secrets. Ever.
  14. Ban the "D" word
  15. You're not a psychic, so stop trying to read their mind
  16. Stop trying to fix them
  17. Don't use sex (or lack thereof) to get what you want
  18. Always present a united front (the rule I contributed to this list)
  19. Don't ban beer nights with his buds
  20. Go to bed together every night
  21. Assume the best until proven otherwise
  22. Be honest about your past
  23. Accept their "offers"
  24. Give 8 compliments for every negative comment
  25. Don't contradict them in public