Tips Guaranteed to Make a Romantic Relationship Sparkle

Recently, Bustle magazine published an article describing eleven tips that have been scientifically proven to create happier romantic relationships.

Read on to learn the following simple yet powerful ideas, paraphrased from the article, that can make your relationship longer-lasting and more fulfilling.

1. Focus on your friendship

Couples whose relationship is based on a strong foundation of friendship are much more likely to stay together and be happier than those partners who are not good friends. These couples also reported that they enjoy a satisfying intimacy.

2. Be intimate once a week

In romantic relationships, physical intimacy is definitely important. Yet studies have concluded that sex once every seven days is the sweet spot, with both partners feeling connected. Couples having sex less than once a week felt less satisfied with their relationship, but those who were intimate more than once a week were no happier than the every-seven-days couples.

3. Post less on social media

Studies show that couples who feel uncertain about their partner’s affection turn to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to attempt to make the public perception of their relationship seem better than it is.  Instead, turn toward your significant other with love. 

4. Be comfortable discussing uncomfortable things

Talking openly with our partner about embarrassing or uncomfortable topics builds trust and confidence in the relationship. Couples who feel ashamed or self-conscious about discussing natural body functions, for example, hold back, shut down, and tend to be less happy together. 

5. Have an optimistic outlook

A positive outlook infuses a relationship with good energy and optimism, encourages lightheartedness, laughter and defuses potential conflict.

6. Go on dates

Making time to be together on a date highlights that you both value your relationship. Regularly scheduling a special day or evening devoted to you as a couple having fun ensures that you reconnect romantically, as well as continue to build upon your foundation of friendship.

7. Have other friends and taking “me time”

While nurturing your romantic relationship with your partner, it is also of the utmost importance to maintain a sense of self. Continuing to maintain friendships outside your romantic relationship all contribute to a sense of self.  These other resources remove the pressure on your partner to be your sole source of encouragement and support.

8. Taking “Me Time”

Taking time to pursue personal hobbies and activities without your partner is another healthy way in which to maintain your individuality. It allows you to explore things that your significant other may not be interested in but that you find challenging and enjoyable.

9. Share responsibilities

One of the biggest complaints among less satisfied couples is the inequitable division of responsibilities, such as housework, paying bills, cooking and other chores. Couples who believe these tasks are distributed fairly were much happier.

10. Compliment and appreciate

Sharing the wonderful things you think and feel about your partner is important. Let them know how attractive they are, how proud you are of them, how much you appreciate them. Relationships where couples often compliment each other are far and away happier than those whose relationship teeters in the other direction, toward criticizing each other.

11. Be adventurous

The longer a couple is together, the more they may settle into a routine. A splash of spontaneity reinvigorates relationships and boosts overall happiness.

As with everything worth having, successful relationships take work. But when a couple forms a solid friendship founded on mutual affection, positivity and appreciation, shares day-to-day responsibilities, spends time together to strengthen their bond, as well as time apart to recharge and maintain their individuality, the fires of intimacy and spontaneity can burn brightly!  Each partner will be happier overall because their relationship, based on solid and sincere actions, will stand the test of time.