5 Ways We Sabotage Our Relationships

Though we may not consciously self-sabatoge, our collection of habits and thoughts that lie dormant in us rears its ugly head when we feel threatened or uneasy. Maybe you can identify with some of these self-sabotaging practices.

Here are 5 things we may be doing that sabotage our relationships

1. Projecting self-doubt and inadequacies onto our partner
Rather than questioning whether you're good enough, or why your partner chooses to be with you, accept and honor their love and appreciation. 

2. Getting into a relationship before we're ready
Our fear of being alone can drive us to jump into relationships that aren't meant to be, or need more time to grow and develop. 

3. Saying YES when we mean NO
When we are afraid of disappointing our partner or do not want them to feel rejected, we often do the opposite of what we really want to do. This can lead to resentment, and also creates confusion. Establishing clear boundaries in a relationship is healthy. People should be allowed to say no without having to justify or explain their reasons.

4. Not being vulnerable
This is most often an issue with men, as society teaches them that showing affection or "wearing their heart on their sleeve" is not what real men do. But vulnerability can foster a deep connection with our significant other. Being willing to offer gestures of tender love, as well as show sadness or other heart-centered emotions, is necessary for a meaningful relationship.

5. Not asking for what we want
We should never settle for less than, or sacrifice, what is truly important to us. Having our fundamental needs go unmet leads to discontent. But expecting our partner to read our mind isn't realistic, either. We need to be clear about stating what we want, and we ought to encourage our partner to do the same.

By becoming aware of all these behaviors, we can eventually break out of the cycle of sabotaging our relationships.