Riding out the Perfect Storm

Recently, I was asked to serve on a panel at the Annual Better Marriages Conference, which was held July 9-12 in St. Louis. The conference is intended to educate couples and help them continue to build healthy relationships.

 As a multiple marrier (one who has been married 3 times or more – as 5 percent of the U.S. adult population has), I was both flattered by the invitation to speak at the conference and puzzled as to why someone with my background would be a desirable role model for couples who are happily married, and perhaps to the same person for, say, more than 30 years.

Was it simple curiosity that attracted the crowd to our session?  Perhaps I was like the circus entertainer on the panel who could tiptoe across a tightrope 40 feet off the ground, or survive being shot out from a cannon?  What awe-inspiring acts would the audience be seeking from a person who had been unable to keep not one, but a few marriages alive?  Thank goodness my part of the act would be complemented by two distinguished guests, Priscilla Bass, Ph. D., and Patricia Bubash, M.Ed. Author of Successful Second Marriages, who could provide a safe harbor if I found myself drowning in deep water.

To my surprise, not only was I well-received by both the audience and the panel, but our message resonated with many people.  It seems that whether you are in your very first committed relationship or marriage, or your third, chances are you will eventually have to deal with threatening winds (nagging and bickering), a squall (a job loss or relocation) or even that 50-foot wave that seems to crest from nowhere (sudden and/or a life-threatening discovery).  We three experts had hard-earned wisdom to share and solid practical knowledge that any individual or couple could benefit from.

So, check out our panel's PowerPoint presentation. It might be just what the doctor ordered, for yourself, your partner, a friend or a loved one.   Safe for all ages, and for all stages of your relationship or marriage. ;-)

Here’s to your smooth sailing!