Taking the Fifth

A must-read for anyone thinking about getting married. Interview with multiple marrier Pam Evans by Karynne Summars, Author/Executive Movie Producer

No, I am not referring to the 5th Amendment or Beethoven’s Fifth. But then what?

Meet author Pamela Evans who has taken the fifth – husband, that is. Her book Ring Exchange is her story about -what she calls- a serial marrier.

Pam and I met recently at a media event and I immediately liked her. She is beautiful, articulate and has a great personality. I at first thought that she belonged to the event host and was planted amidst us to warm up the group before we would continue to the next step of having to stand in front of a camera and being asked impromptu questions. She was quick to volunteer to be the first to get up and talk. In a bubbly and totally uninhibited way she told us in a few words that she is a serial marrier and just took the fifth husband. Really? I thought, smiling broadly at her. I want to hear more about this story. I had no idea what to expect. A black widow maybe? I guess my imagination was running wild. Why would anyone get married five times? Then Elizabeth Taylor and some other celebrities came to mind.

The logical realistic side of me quickly tried to assess what it would be like to go through four divorce procedures with all the usual legal paperwork and dividing the joint assets. I guess the banker in me came out immediately recalling what some of my clients had gone through when they divorced and things got ugly. You have no idea how many times I was asked by clients if I could hide their assets somewhere when a divorce was looming. These people had some creative ideas how they imagined I could help them so that they would not have to part with their money. There is enough material for a highly entertaining drama novel for me to write next. Just saying…

Knowing that I would never put myself through five marriages, I wondered what was behind Pam’s motivation to do so. Hoping to shed some light on why get married rather than just live with the person if the first and second marriages didn’t work out, I asked Pam to answer a few questions, which I am sure many of you may also want to know the answers to. And, by the way, I also met Pam’s fifth husband who joined us for the social part of the event one evening. What a lovely couple. I can only hope that this is it for both of them. Let the fifth be a charm in this case. Here is the enlightening interview with the amazing Pam Evans.

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