committed relationships

5 Days, 5 Relationship Tips

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Day 1:  Tip of the Day:

Going into a relationship with "eyes wide shut" will guarantee some unexpected and, perhaps, unwanted results.  Put your glasses on to help you filter the rays while you're out there scouting for your partner.

Day 2: 

I promise myself I will never seek a partner because:

I'm feeling lonely and emotionally needy

I'm seeking financial security

I'm feeling pressure from family and friends

I'm seeking freedom and independence from a co-dependent situation

Day 3:  

Remember, you are not in a committed relationship if your partner isn't aware.  Make sure both parties are on the same page. Don't forget to do regular check-ins.

Day 4:  

Soulmates are people with whom you have a strong connection.  You may have more than one soulmate in your lifetime and they may appear on your relationship journey to accompany you as you experience a situation.  A soulmate may also be present for a time to teach you a lesson.  Instead, when seeking a long-term committed partner, keep your eyes open for your "twin flame".  As a couple, twin flames can have a powerful impact and together open new pathways and create opportunities that will bring joy to their lives and enhance their relationship.

Day 5: 

Always remain conscious when dating and remember to choose wisely. You'll thank yourself in months and years to come!