Relationship Quiz

Answer “yes” or “no” by each of the questions below to determine if you are at risk of finding yourself in a Sequential Relationship Pattern.

  1. I am a hopeless romantic and have always dreamed of being swept away by my true love. 
  2. I’m a quick thinker, follow my gut and often make rapid decisions.
  3. I can’t stand being alone, much less living alone.
  4. I love to take care of others and make things better for those around me while often ignoring  my own needs.
  5. I often avoid making waves or having difficult discussions with my partner because I don’t like conflict and I’d rather be having fun.
  6. If a date doesn’t have immediate physical appeal or chemistry, I’m not interested in exploring a relationship.
  7. I find it easier if my partner makes the big decisions in our relationship.
  8. I don’t always tell my partner what’s really on my mind, because it is more important to have a harmonious relationship.
  9. I have often ignored my partner’s negative behaviors and actions toward me because I thought I must have done something to cause them.  Also, I often brushed them off as “no big deal.”
  10. After ending a relationship, have you ever said, “I just didn’t get it right.  I picked the wrong partner again.  Next time, I’ll do a better job of choosing Mr. or Ms. Right.  And maybe I’ll have good luck.”
  11. I see myself in the role of someone who needs to be rescued from a bad situation.
  12. If my partner says I'm wrong or selfish or greedy, I think there must be a kernel of truth to it.
  13. Bonus question:  Have you ever said, “I ___need*___ to find a partner because…."

*Try substituting “I desire to find a partner who can add joy to my already happy and fulfilling life.”
Scale:  If you answered yes to the following:
High Risk:  8-13 questions
Medium Risk:  4-7 questions
Low Risk: 0-3 questions