Seeking a Safe Harbor

Have you ever found yourself to be the sudden casualty of a broken relationship where you are placed in a desperate situation, needing to quickly find the next safe harbor? Have you hoped, and perhaps prayed, that there would be a magical person somewhere out there who could mend your broken heart, provide security and wipe all your troubles away – even those not directly connected to the previous match?

Maybe you've lost faith when you discovered that finding that proverbial “needle in a haystack” might be a lengthy and emotionally difficult process that seemed as though it would never end. Maybe you've asked yourself, will I ever find that safe haven? Will I ever be happy again?

Rather than convincing yourself that the next safe harbor will be found in the arms of that so-far-unmet perfect partner, try spending time identifying ways to find self-assurance, confidence and peace every day…even though you may be living by yourself.

You are the captain of your ship, and you have the responsibility for finding your own happiness. And guess what...the safe harbor you are seeking is right there, inside you.

So, when waves of anxiety, fear and negativity come crashing in on your shore, practice self-love and start believing in yourself. Listen to that little voice that whispers in your ear, “I don’t have to wait until I find the next best partner to enjoy life. I can do it right here, right now.”

Then promise yourself that before you embark on a new discovery voyage to seek the next great love of your life, you won’t leave port until you've fixed that torn sail, broken rudder or leaky hold. Address and jettison your past issues; you'll have a much better chance of identifying a partner well-suited for you.

Here’s to smooth sailing, everyone!