What’s the Backstory?

Isn’t there always an explanation, a two-way rationalization or something that makes up the “behind the scenes” when we hear the shocking news about another Hollywood celebrity couple who has decided to consciously uncouple?  What is it with Ben and Jennifer?   I thought they were solid.  Well, I guess they are falling into the category of 40% of all marriages that end before the 20 year mark.  But, why?  Don’t they have successful careers, a beautiful family, notoriety and everything the average person could possibly wish for?

Perhaps, we’ll never know what has motivated them to terminate their 10-year marriage.  However, I hope they recognize their own backstory, have come to terms with it and have learned some lessons before they move on.  Otherwise, they stand the chance of repeating their relationship mistakes in the next, best relationship or marriage. 

Best of luck you two! 

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