Lighten Your Emotional & Spiritual Load!

This weekend, I visited the New Living Expo in San Mateo, CA.

Official New Living Expo | 2015-14th Annual New Living E...

Every spring, the Expo attracts learners, changers, and explorers of alternative thinking and being, health, and spirituality. I was a participant in this annual, dynamic event where I experienced the unexpected and left with new found knowledge and awareness. I was particularly intrigued by the booth offering personal "Aura photographs".  I didn't hesitate.  I just had to have mine taken.  My reading indicated that the golden rays surrounding my head represented creativity, courage and leadership and the dark red color hovering over the top of my head represented the letting go of past relationships I no longer needed.  Do you have past relationships or negative energy you should allow to rise to the top of your being and then dissipate?  Think about it.  Could you lighten your emotional and spiritual load by releasing heavy, unnecessary energy that may be weighing you down?  I recommend letting go of past connections that no longer serve a purpose in your life or bring you joy.  I've resolved to doing just that. Perhaps that is why I'm sporting such a happy glow in the photo!