It’s Never Too Late to Save Yourself!

I just read a Huffington Post article about a woman whose marital journey somewhat resembled my own relationship and marriage experiences.  Although I did not enter into and remain for many years in an unhappy "arranged" marriage like this divorced mom, I certainly can relate. I embarked on my own matrimonial path at the very tender age of 18 and unwittingly assumed the subservient spousal role, just as she had done.  

In fact, I found myself playing this same role over and over again, not in one long marriage, but in four shorter ones…you see,  I am an unintended multiple marrier.  Just like the woman in this story, I learned how to keep my head down, focusing on fulfilling my spouses' daily needs and wishes, while completely ignoring my own.  As “the helper” in these relationships, my entire purpose was to satisfy my husband. What happened was that, over time, I lost not only my identity but even my fun-loving spirit, in addition to my self-confidence.  It took tremendous courage to finally arise from the ashes of low self-esteem and self-worth and discover that I had personal power, I had choices, I had ME.

I am so deeply touched by this woman’s story, told by her loving daughter, and am excited to share it with others.  My hope is to inspire individuals who may find themselves in similar relationships or marriages to have courage. Choose a life that will bring you true personal happiness, despite family and societal pressures – no matter what your age is.  Yes, you will have to make deep, basic changes in perspective, and that will test the depths of your determination, but you can do it!  

This woman’s determination to take positive steps toward improving her life to make it suit her authentic self, mirrored the drive I had years ago when I finally realized that I could break free of my unhappy relationship cycle and actually reclaim my heart, my body and my soul.

Just a friendly reminder: The road to happiness may be winding, rocky and seemingly endless at times.  But when you finally reach your destination, you will be greeted by the feeling of abundant peace and joy because you proved to yourself that you could do it all on your own. It’s Never Too Late to Save Yourself!  You just have to start somewhere and go for it with all your energy!